(CBRE - JUNE 2020)

(CBRE - JUNE 2020)

(LJ HOOKER 2018-20)


Receive an impressive fixed return of

10% p.a.

Secured by way of mortgage and guaranteed by Du Val Capital Partners, the Du Val Mortgage Fund balances high security and high return, providing investors with a level of certainty hard to come by in this market.

Du Val’s Fixed Income funds provide investors with a guaranteed annual return and investors’ security is registered by way of mortgage over real assets. Fixed income funds are suitable for wholesale and institutional investors seeking a stable annual return without the need to pay any management or performance fees.

Fund Highlights

  • Guaranteed fixed return of 10% p.a.
  • Quarterly distributions
  • Secured by registered mortgage
  • Qualified wholesale investment opportunity
  • No administration fees
  • Flow-through tax efficiency

How we manage your investment

Du Val Aprtners Investment Committee

Our investment committee meets regularly to review lending opportunities. The committee robustly reviews each opportunity and any associated risks prior to recommending investment decisions to the Board of Directors.

Du Val Aprtners Board Approval

We only invest in short term land positions and bricks & mortar investments

Du Val Aprtners Investment

All Du Val projects are data driven and backed by institutional grade researchn

Du Val AprtnersSecurity

We stay focused on Auckland property as it has proven to be the most resilient market over time

Du Val Aprtners Returns

Returns are paid at a fixed rate

Du Val Aprtners Distributions

Distributions are made twice through the year

Du Val Aprtners No Fees

We are property professionals and do not charge fees to manage our Fixed Income investments

Du Val Aprtners Tax Efficient

New Zealand domiciled Mortgage Funds are established as Limited Partnerships which are fund through investment vehicles and as such, investors are responsible for their taxation

Du Val Aprtners Guarantee

Your investment is guaranteed by Du Val Capital Partners Limited

Du Val Aprtners Exit

You may exit your investment after a minimum investment period of 12 months as detailed within the Information Memorandum

Letter from the CEO

Dear Eligible Prospective Investor,

It is my pleasure to invite you to become a Unit holder in the Du Val Mortgage Fund Limited Partnership (the Fund).

The Du Val Mortgage Fund is a NZ$100 million fixed income investment established by Du Val Capital Partners Limited ( being the funds management division of the Du Val Group (Du Val).

Du Val is one of New Zealand’s largest residential developers, is a substantial property investor and a manager of wholesale investment.

Du Val has approximately $750M of projects that have been delivered, are in development, under construction or held for investment, with a preference to invest in larger schemes, over a number of years, in order to maximise value. For more information about Du Val please see Section 4 of this IM. The Fund has been established by its General Partner to raise capital from Qualified Investors seeking both income and capital security on a capital investment. The capital secured by the Fund will be utilised to fund the acquisition and development of Du Val sponsored Projects. Examples of Projects, at the date of this IM, intended to receive funding from the Fund are set out at Section 6 of this IM. Capital raised by the Fund will be loaned directly to the companies and/or limited partnerships that own and intend to develop the land, by Du Val Capital Partners Limited as the GP of the Fund. Such loans will be secured by way of a registered mortgage over the relevant Project’s land, together with any other suitable security to be granted over other specified assets or interests relating to that Project; comparable to the security usually granted to banks and other institutional lenders. In addition, all loans made by the GP will be secured by way of specific security guarantee, as a surety, in favour of the Fund. As an Investor, you will hold Units that entitle you to a fixed rate of return (coupon) of 10% per annum. To achieve these returns, the GP will invest the capital of the Fund (by way of loan) in Du Val sponsored Projects, at market interest rates which are to be set based on prevailing rates for developments in the regions, at the scale and in the manner in which the Projects are being developed. I look forward to welcoming you in the near future as a Du Val Mortgage Fund LP Unit holder. Yours faithfully, Kenyon Clarke Group CEO Du Val Group NZ Limited

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