• Targeted capital gain and rental return
  • More Build-To-Rent assets to be built or acquired over time
  • Long term targeted fund return 8% p.a.*
  • Assets managed by Du Val Portfolio Management
  • Distributions paid quarterly
  • $250,000 minimum investment by Investors**
  • Stability of rental income for the fund spread across 171 residential units


Build-to-Rent properties are large residential property developments purpose built for occupants seeking long term rental accommodation.



Build-to-Rent provides investors the opportunity to invest in a large scale residential property portfolio developed by Du Val Group, in Auckland, New Zealand. Build-to-Rent properties are retained as part of a scheme and are not sold as individual units - operational efficiencies and the purpose-built nature of the assets resulting in a stable return to investors. The Build-to-Rent fund provides a ‘hands off’ approach to residential investing, with professional property management in place and without the hassle of direct title ownership.


The offer is only open to Wholesale and Eligible investors.


Long term targeted fund return of 8% p.a.*


Currently, the fund owns two purpose-built sites with a total of 171 residential accommodation units.


The fund has a term debt facility to maximise investor returns.


Management of the assets are maintained by Du Val's award winning Portfolio Management division.


The return to investors is net after all costs and generated from rental income.

*For further information about the underlying assumptions on which the target return is based, and the risks, please request a copy of the Information Memorandum.

**For certified eligible and wholesale investors in compliance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.


Du Val Capital Partners maintains a secondary market of current and prospective investors to provide liquidity.

Alternatively, existing investors are able to introduce their own prospective investors to provide liquidity. The General Partner must first approve any prospective investor to ensure that they are appropriately certified as either Wholesale or Eligible investors.


  • The Fund has direct title ownership over assets.
  • The Fund maintains a conservative gearing ratio of 50% against the assets.
  • Assets owned by the fund have a proven and stable occupancy record.
  • Professional management by Du Val Portfolio Management.


Large scale investing is now available to wholesale and eligible investors. From only $250,000, wholesale and eligible investors can access the growth and stability of a large scale residential property portfolio.

By investing in the Du Val Build-to-Rent Fund, you become an investor of the Build-to-Rent portfolio that has acquired two performing residential properties in Auckland. As an investor in the Fund, you gain access to the scale, economy and stability generally only available to a diversified residential property fund.

The properties are managed by the award-winning team Du Val Portfolio Management who maintain a vacancy average rate of 0.5% p.a. across their portfolio.

Meet Our Award Winning
Property Management Team

Managing Du Val's Build-to-Rent portfolio.

As an investor, you want to know that your investment property will always be tenanted and your asset is maintained for the long term. These are core principles of the team, who have proudly maintained a 0.5% average annual vacancy rate across their portfolio.

Average Vacancy Rate held:

0.5% p.a. across their portfolio.

Average maximum vacancy period between tenancies:

4 days across their portfolio

(LJ HOOKER 2018-20)

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